Flexible material developed to have the most of thermal protection with minimum thickness and weight. 


Aerogel mats with polyethylene terephthalate texture (PET) or a polyester continuous filament glass fiber.
Available in thicknesses of 5 and 10 mm is a geosynthetic felt PET and glass fibers impregnated with Aerogel with an apparent density equal to 130 Kg / m3 and, in the "Z" version, including the vapor barrier made of lamination to aluminum foil.
Temperature range begins -200° until +200°, in the version “Z” the limit is 90° more than the normal version.
It has been developed for the medium to very low temperature, it is used commonly in the cryogenic industry, water repellent, humidity repellent and very high temperature resistant with the less of thickness.


Pyrogel XT is an airgel mat reinforced with continuous filament glass fibers. Available in thicknesses of 5 and 10 mm, it is a geosynthetic felt impregnated with Aerogel with an apparent density equal to 180 Kg / m3. The temperature range is wider with maximum limit use to 650 ° C. Perfectly suitable for heavy duty applications in mechanical, thermal terms and in average high temperature.
In the highest performance version, Pyrogel XTF, it is designed for the specific fire protection.


It is a airgel fiber mat reinforced with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and continuous glass fiber filament.
It is made in 5 and 10 mm thickness, resistant and compact felt with a density equal to 150 Kg / m3. The material is hydrophobic, but with high breathability. The characteristic flexibility combined with excellent resistance to compression make the material particularly suitable for use in construction applications, and universal with maximum operating temperatures of 200 ° C.
Thermal conductivity at 10 ° C 0.013 W / mK.

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