The Infrared Thermography (IRT) is a type of imaging in the infrared field.
Infrared thermography refers to the two-dimensional display of the radiation measurement. Through the use of a thermal imager (tool to perform thermographic controls) it is performed a non-destructive testing and non-intrusive. Thermal cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and performs related measures with the issuance of this radiation.
This tool is able to detect the temperatures of the bodies analysed by measuring the intensity of infrared radiation emitted from the body under examination. All the objects at a temperature above the absolute zero (-273.15 ° C) emit radiation in the infrared range.
The Infrared Thermography (IRT) allows to display the absolute values and variations of temperature of the objects, regardless of their illumination in the visible range.
Our company possesses certified equipment and employees with level 2 qualification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9712: 2012 for the field test pre-service and in-service equipment, systems and facilities.


Building wall inspection for identify defective insulation
Process analysis stone sulfation
Identification of detached plaster
Identification gaps external wall claddings
Identification gaps coatings of the inner walls
Identification of water seepage from roofs
Detection of water leaks from terrace
Detection of water leaks in subways, basements, tunnels, box garage
Leak detection of hot and cold water supply pipes
Bearing structures of buildings identification
Detection of paths of hot water pipes and or cold within walls or floors
Detection structure of building products under the plaster
Verification of thermal bridges
Check the installation of windows and doors
Check the casing temperature seal
Check efficiency and installation of a thermal coat


Analysis of operating temperatures in transformers
Identification of overheating caused by abnormal contact resistance
Power joints of insulated conductors
Distribution switchboards
Energy disconnectors


Industrial oven control
chimneys isolation control
reduced thickness control in pipes and high pressure tanks
Transferring control of the pressure valves on steam systems
Locating carbonaceous or calcareous deposits inside pipes for the transport of fluids or vapors
Oven mantle temperature measure in cement works for the detection of anomalies in the refractory
Check wear of refractory linings for furnaces

Check the amount of liquid on external tanks
Thermal distribution in the control of food cooking ovens or industrial
Thermal control distribution in cold rooms for storage of frozen products
Monitoring temperatures in production processes and storage of food chain
Check compressor operations and condensers in industrial refrigerators during under stress procedure


Control moving parts and detection of overheating due to lack of lubrication or excess of friction and usury
Checking the usury of the coupling devices
Overheating detection for usury or lack of lubrication in bearings and gear motors
Check compressor operations
Check vacuum pumps operation
Check air leakage from compressed air circuits


Control of heat exchangers efficiency for the detection of partial or total occlusions in the internal circuit
Insulation monitoring pipes for steam transportation, hot or cold fluids
Valves control for the detection of internal fouling
Central air-conditioning inspections
Inspections heating systems in plants
Condensate exchanger operation check
Search loss of fluids and / or liquids to be not visible pipe
Pipe mapping when unknown or hidden

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