Building and supply insulation preformed

Suitable cladding must be applied to preserve the durability and integrity of the insulating material, it is essential to apply an outer coating, it can be realised with different types of metallic materials such as alumium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and copper.

Preformed list:

  • bend in sectors from 80 mm diameter;
  • pipeline with longitudinal bead;
  • reducer;
  • tee;
  • terminal;
  • rounded bottom with sectors;
  • air duct with square-round section and any other shape for ventilation;
  • flanged boxes;
  • collector;
  • exchanger

We provide those sheet metal preformed in natural aluminium; pre-painted aluminium, Inox 2B 304/316 L, Inox BA 304/316 L, Frosted Inox, embossed aluminium, galvanised sheet and copper.


  • aluminium 5-6-7-8-10/10 mm
  • stainless steel 4-5-6-8-10/10 mm
  • galvanised metal 6-8-10/10
  • copper 4-5/10

If required we elaborate technical drawings in DXF and DWG formats.

Isol Orobica is able to provide protective covers of any shape and size even on construction and dimension specifications given by the customer.

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