Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer between surfaces at different temperature, it is implied for heat, cold, vapour and antifreeze.
Our job performs on every tipe of plant such as new construction, maintenance, expanded plant and we are provided of professional employees who are able to work on every field in the full respect of the law.

After the insulation material is applied is possible to reduce the leak of flow transported by the pipeline approximately saving percentage roughly around 90%.

The fact that matters the most after the energy saving, is the improved performance of the plant, speaking of the fact that if the fluid reaches the best temperature in less time, the work processes are more effective and productive.

The other benefit of the insulation is the reservation of the plant including pipelines, tanks, accumulator and the exchanger of fluids, which are not exposed at the weathering bringing faster erosion and rust because they are not protected by insulation and cladding.

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